Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday fun!

Oh how great it is to be four!!
Feeling so much older, lovin' the celebration, and excited for whatever the day brings.
Allison turned four in January.
All the kids had the day off so we decided to really party.
Allison's favorite people are her brothers and sisters and the Goodsons,
so everyone was there to make a sweet girl feel *awesome!*
Of course, a sparkle shirt and sparkly, twirly skirt are *essential* for the birthday girl.
Nik and Julia gave me some cake decorating tools for Christmas, and this was my first opportunity to try them out. I used as many different tips as I could. This poor cake really needed some 'dressing up' as the frosting was just wacky and wouldn't stick to the cake. The result, though, was voted a positive by everybody. The frosting didn't *look* good, but because it wouldn't stick, it went on really really thick. Everyone thought the super thick frosting was alllllllll right.

No Hawley celebration is complete without some cheese....

We had a horse and unicorn theme. Unicorn party items are difficult to find so we had to be creative. We made horns for everyone and the girls colored big sparkly pictures.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn was super fun.
Allison thought pin the horn on Allison sounded like fun, too.

Not everyone had very good aim...

And of course, the annual beating of a defenseless animal was enjoyed by all. Partying in January has it's challenges; we had to make some impromtu rules for taller people in order to preserve household fixtures, thus Julia on her knees.

And big brothers seem to avoid leaving evidence that they played Unicorn games with girls and had fun. While there's no Nik in these pictures, we know the truth!

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Christina said...

Oh man... wish I could have been there. CRAZY that she's 4! Jill, your cake is gorgeous. You are lapping me in the baking department.