Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's all fun and games...

Just moments before the bo staff breaks...


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas traditions in Drexel Hill

The annual lighting of the Christmas tree...

One of my favorite Drexel Hill traditions...
just a little reminder that the big guy is keeping watch.

Macy's (formerly something else and formerly Wanamaker's) carries on the tradition of the light show, music and pipe organ performance during December (going on since the 1950's). I get excited for this every year, and now Macy's owns a Dickens village that is another Philadelphia tradition that was almost lost. I told my kids of the great fun we were going to have watching the light show, walking through the village and seeing Santa. After two days of telling me how boring it sounded, I dragged them out of the house in the early morning of their first day of Christmas vacation (I'm so cruel!). And the kids loved it - all of it.

The Christmas morning tradition in our house is that the kids have to wait on the stairs while the parents go downstairs and turn on the Christmas tree lights, get the cameras ready, and secure the best seats for viewing the ensuing mayhem. It's been said that the wait on the stairs is the worst part about Christmas. Heh heh heh! They look cute, though, don't they? A rather bright bunch!

Hope your holiday was as merry and bright as ours!

Nightmare before Christmas


When did this happen?
Big enough to climb trees?
Knows that Jesus was born in Bethlehem?
Counting to twenty?
Uses the mouse to play computer games without help?
Fiesty, fresh and fun... fun... fun!
Almost 4!

Where are the carrots?

Bunny would like to take this opportunity to say,
"Merry Christmas and all,
but it would have been much better if the
reindeer didn't eat all the carrots!"