Thursday, October 9, 2008


There are times when being a SAHM is WONderful and rewarding. And there are times when I never want to walk through the door of my house without another adult there to hold things together. This is one of those days. I got home from grocery shopping with Allison and was unloading groceries from the van, turned around to open the side door, and this is what I saw:


This thing is at least as big as the end of my thumb. But ultimately, a BEAUTIFUL creature, so amazing, so many details on each articulated part. After a mini photo shoot, I took a stick and (no, I didn't whack the spider) I broke the silk where the spider was hanging so I could gently move the spider away from the threshold to my home, but the spider ran up that silk towards my stick like lightening, so I ended up chucking the stick far away from me. Back to AAAAUUUUUUUGH! (Hope you're okay, Spiderella.)