Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring is coming!

The First Day of Spring: we look forward to this all winter long! Of course, the first day of Spring in PA is usually really cold and rainy, but that doesn't deter a Hawley from FREE WATER ICE AT RITA'S!! It's one of our favorite days of the year. We sit huddled in our car, lips turning blue from a cold treat on a cold day, and loving it.

To all of you living way out west, remember the creamy cool sensation of a gelato?? Mmmmm.

Happy Valentine's Day!

A little homemade love from the Hawleys. Allison's first fingerpainting foray made great Valentines. Isn't homemade love the best??

Bored this winter?

Are you tired of the cold weather keeping you and your kids stuck inside? Looking for something new to spice up your life? Try a new hairstyle. Chris did! What do you think?

We thought it was a great joke and encouraged Chris to wear it to school for a day or two. Unfortunately, as time for church approached, Chris' attachment to the fuzz stripe adorning his head grew, and was quite reluctant to remove it. His better judgment finally won out (considering he rather enjoys having a bed and hot meals) and we are happy to report that the Halloween Parade of Feb '09 is over.

Snow in SE Pennsylvania

In light of Pennsylvania's lack of snowfall in the past few years, we have adopted Elder Wirthlin's counsel "Come What May And Love It!" We are learning to love our sparse little amounts of snow. Things we enjoy: Little ones can walk in the snow without getting snow in their boots. We don't lose any little ones due to high snow drifts. We don't have to work very hard to shovel the driveway (correction: Nik and Chris don't have to work very hard to shovel the driveway). We don't waste away our whole day making big giant snowballs for a snowman (see pics). And most importantly, the kids still go to school.

Ol' One Eyed Jack: this is about all we could do with the snow. It was surprisingly un-sticky. Chuck said it looked like most of the snowman was underground, some sort of Calvin-ist snowman trick (of Calvin and Hobbes).

The little pink thing is Allison. She is not sure why snow has to be so cold. If it weren't for the cold, she'd like it much better. Though it was a sad little amount of snow, it was beautiful. Stuck to the trees and coated everything beautifully. I love waking up to the pure white.