Friday, August 1, 2008

Miracle cure

You know you're in Philly when the pediatrician recommends WATER ICE as part of your kid's treatment. Allison has coxsackie (aka foot, hand, mouth disease) (which by the way is nasty; she is covered in sores - mouth, hands and feet (go figure) AND diaper area - I can't imagine how the poor thing functions.). Anyways, the doctor said heat will exacerbate her misery and don't expect her to eat much - give her ice pops, ice cream, and water ice!! Hilarious, but so of course the first place we stopped on the way home from the doctor's office was Rita's (not the Howden's dog, but the Water Ice place, THE water ice place) and Allison downed at least half of a watermelon water ice. We were sitting in the car on a 90 degree with the air conditioning on and she smiled a lot for the first time in a while and got goose bumps so I considered the treatment a success.