Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Allison's scripture reading

Today we sat down to read scriptures together, and Allison took a turn (for the first time). She opened her Book of Mormon, and while turning pages, related the following: "Tigger bounced to the Nephites. They went here, and they went there, and they went through the chapel. Then grumpy Rabbit killed *all* the Nephites. The end."

And there you have it, the Book of Mormon's central message: Be good or beware of grumpy Rabbit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can barely remember this!

I was looking back through our picture archives to see what pictures still need to be posted and found this, from February.

We just got through (hopefully 'through' as in completely done) the 2nd hottest summer on record (8 heat waves = 3 or more days of 90+, of course the accompanying 90% or more humidity; several days in the 100s), and when I saw this picture my mind could hardly comprehend our little street covered in this cold white fluff. What a difference a few months makes.

(This is Nikolas working on a humongous snow fort the size of our front yard.).

Sunday, September 12, 2010


What a year for Chris - he graduated high school, started college, and turns 18 soon. Oh yeah, and he moved to AZ to live with his grandparents. Andrea moved out, and that same day, Chris moved in to take her place as the most spoiled Hawley kid on the planet.

We weren't too thrilled with Chris' senior portraits taken by a professional, so we decided this is Chris' official senior portrait, taken by a good friend on a great day in the woods.

Note the changes: hair, glasses - this is the way we remember Chris his senior year, the year he found 'style'.