Sunday, August 26, 2007

Beach Party Aug 07

Hey - we were able to round up some people willing to call us friends for the day - at least long enough to glean some ocean goin' knowledge from our vast years of experience seeking solace at water's edge. We had a grand ol' time although the day ended too early, as all good ones do, and friends departed long before we were willing to bid farewell to the peace and exuberance we find oceanside. Just as well for them - you might notice from some of the photos the extreme degree of whiteness of some of our friends, and we all know that things that start out white at the beginning of a sunny day at the beach, usually don't go home the same color. Despite warning and advice from more experienced sun-seekers, and despite our own knowledge, none were spared the effects of sun overdose, none that is excepting Nik, whose dramatic change in color this summer leads me to believe he's an entirely different race than the rest of us. In light of the wisdom of the adage "Learn something new every day," here's a brief list of lessons learned at Corson's Inlet State Park: sunscreen does *not* migrate - you must cover all exposed skin for protection from the sun (e.g. Christina's thighs), 13 Cheetos equals one serving, surfboards are hard (check the goose egg on Chris Hamatake's noggin).