Thursday, March 26, 2009

March in PA and DE

I haven't posted in a while, so thought I'd take a few minutes and post some random things from the past month.

March started out COLD. We were ankle deep in snow. Many headlines read, "March comes in like a lion" but I find the snow so peaceful. We Hawleys can't resist romping around until our fingers and toes are numb. My little snow bunny. 

And what do you think this tire swing reminded me of? Donuts, of course! (My mind is never far from them, though).

I just LOVE this constantly crumb-encrusted face. So full of life and joy, all the time!

A week after the snow, it was warm enough to go to the beach! (b/n 60 and 70 degrees) We stayed at my mom's in Lewes DE for a coupla weeks . I just LOVE kids on the beach. And I discovered that I love going in March when I'm covered in clothes and can't feel the sand all over me! I could roll all around, sit and play with the kids with no discomfort. And yes, those little black dots in the water are SURFERS. The air was warm but the water wasn't - 38 degrees! Yikes. 

Someone in our family believes that a Leprechaun visits houses the night before St. Patrick's Day (product of Catholic pre-school) so low and behold, someone came to our house and left a confetti trail from the bedroom into the family room and to a pile of cookies. Good leprechaun (another favorite moment in the St. Pat's excitement: Melanie made a card for the Leprechaun, only she spelled it "Lepercon" like it was for some diseased convict.).

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sage

Every once in a while when I've had a particularly challenging day or week (or month) with Allison, I'll call my mom and complain a bit, and I follow it by telling her I'm trying hard not to wish away this precious time because I'm sure when Allison is older I'll miss these days.

And without missing a beat, with wisdom and a smile in her voice, my mom knowingly replies, "Or not."